Compare with Real Value
Compare with Real Value
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You are never really too big or small to have your website done by us. We focus on digital marketing for most design industries. This includes construction, interior and exterior design, landscaping design, architecture, civil engineering, public infrastructure, and municipal attractions.

Let's you and I throw a site !


Whether you are a family run business hitting the net for the first time, or a Web Media Company looking for additional help on maintenance .... let JASNET satisfy the perfect need for you!.. This is Jeffrey A. Coontz, President of JASNET Internet Solutions and I take care of those "catch-as-catch-can" needs, where others might be pressed for time. If you need a complete redesign, most small business sites run $700 to $800. Corporate Designs $1200 and up. We specialize in many design industries. Among them are Construction, Pool and Patio, Tile and Stone, Civil Engineering, Flooring/Interior Design and also Municipal and Public Improvements. We also cover stone and aggregate suppliers/distributors throughout the west.. Call us at(805)310-8797 today !


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Compare with Real Value
Compare with Real Value

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